Welcome to The Early Music Studio!

We are pleased that you are considering music classes for your child. Research has shown that we are all born with an aptitude for music, but that aptitude diminishes if it is not actively nurtured between the ages of birth and nine. 

The Musikgarten classes we offer at The Early Music Studio are designed to nurture children’s music aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Instrumental activities are part of the program, ranging from playing simple rhythm instruments such as sticks and drums for babies and toddlers to playing keyboards for older children.

Musikgarten is the only program that offers curricula for newborns all the way through to group piano instruction. It is based on a keen understanding of how children learn, in both a general sense and, specifically, how they learn music.

As you familiarize yourself with our class offerings and learn more about Musikgarten, we look forward to answering your questions and welcoming your family into our music studio.

Caroline Matthews and Wendy Audié - co-directors 

"My 4 year old son and I are currently enrolled in Teacher Caroline and Teacher Wendy's class and we are so happy with the music program! The class has such a nice flow through songs, dancing and movement, imaginative play, and exploring musical instruments and props. Teachers Caroline and Wendy do such a wonderful job keeping all the children engaged and having fun. They use the children's names and really make each child feel special. They are absolutely wonderful at what they do! There is a lot of engagement between the children and the teachers. I highly recommend this music program to everyone!" - Natalie, Cycles Parent


“I’ve got to say, if you’re reading this review you’re probably curious about this class and I’m writing this to encourage you to try it out. Each week is filled with wholesome family friendly activities, that are fun while having technical music techniques subtly peppered in. They are both interesting to me as an adult and my toddler and 4 year old. It’s great for all ages. Both instructors are warm, friendly, and welcoming in such a refreshing way. If you’re even a little interested in something like this, I highly recommend it, you won’t regret it.” - Peter, Cycles Parent


“We are so happy that we enrolled our daughter in The Early Music Studio! Caroline and Wendy were exceptionally kind and enthusiastic from our very first introduction session about the program. It became clear that they have a true passion for teaching music to children. Our daughter absolutely loves going to class and learning all the different ways to create different forms of music. It is amazing to see her use the lessons each week and grow in her musical knowledge and creativity. I would highly recommend The Early Music Studio to anyone who is interested in exploring an open and inviting environment for young ones to be exposed to kind music instructors and different ways to cultivate music.” - Daniel, Cycles Parent